Export Models to Edge Devices

With Neuralet Edge Object Detection module you can easily export your trained model to Nvidia’s Jetson Devices and Google Edge TPUs.

Compile tflite Models to Edge TPU Models

In amd64 with connected USB Accelerator docker container run:

python3 exporters/edgetpu_exporter.py --tflite_file TFLITE_FILE --out_dir OUT_DIR

Where TFLITE_FILE should be a quantized model. You can use our adaptive learning API for training a quantized object detection model.

For more information about quantization techniques of deep neural networks you can read our blog.

Export TensorFlow protobuf models to TRT engines

In Jetson docker container run:

python3 exporters/trt_exporter.py --pb_file PB_FILE --out_dir OUT_DIR [ --num_classes NUM_CLASSES]

Where PB_FILE is a protobuf frozen graph tensorflow model.